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You can help save the devil from disappearing in the wild!

With less than 10% of the population left, the race is on to stop the extinction of the Tasmanian devil

With limited funding, Devil Ark simply would not exist without your help!

No matter how large or small, every dollar of your donation goes directly to Devil Ark and its various programs. It really is that easy to help us save this iconic Australian animal from extinction.

… but time is of the essence! We must get as many devils from the wild as we can before they are wiped out by DFTD – but until we build enough homes for them they are left to the ravages of a painful death.

All donations over $2 to Devil Ark are tax deductible, and 100% of all donations go straight to the work at Devil Ark.

6 month old Tasmanian devil joey

devil ark needs your support

Make a donation

All donations to Devil Ark will be used 100% for caring for devils and every donation will be gratefully received.

  1. Online
  2. Download a donation form for mailing a donation or bank deposits
  3. Set up a direct debit

Adopt a devil

You can  'adopt' a Tasmanian devil.
Your donation will cover all costs associated with care of your devil for one year.
Or there are other devil support options available too.
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Give a devilish gift-card

Don’t know what to buy someone that has everything? 

How about buying the gift of hope for the endangered Tasmanian devil! 
Give a devil gift-card...
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Feed a Devil day

This is a fun-raising day to get your family, friends, work-mates or class behind saving the Tasmanian devil.
It's a fun way to help save the endangered Tasmanian devil and learn more about our iconic Aussie animal at the same time!

It costs $2 a day to feed a Tasmanian devil at Devil Ark and we currently have 140 hungry mouths to feed!
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Organising your own fundraising activity is a great way to get active and social while raising valuable awareness and funds for Devil Ark.
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